Institute of Reproductive Medicine


Infertility is a medical condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people. With one in 6 couples suffering from varying degrees of infertility you are not alone! People who suffer from infertility, usually suffer in silence and in isolation because there is such a sigma, and so much misunderstanding of what it is. We recognize that not being able to have a child is the loss of a dream. So at Institute of Reproductive Medicine our philosophy is to offer you meticulous, individual care with personal touch by our all member of staffs . Our dedicated staffs are available seven days a week whenever you need them. We are with you to make your dream come true to make your family complete.

Director's Message:

Dr. B.N.Chakravarty, M.O., F.R.C.O.G., D. Sc

Failing to conceive is difficult to cope with: it can produce a negative self-image in young couples, and with the passage of time it can lead to frustration.

The idea of initiating the treatment of infertility as a subspecialty was conceived by me in 1983 following the tragic death of one of my close associates Dr. Subhas Mukherjee. To prove the truthfulness of his primary efforts by duplicating them, I established a centre where work on IVF is carried out in a scientific manner and in an uninhibited environment.

Since then, we have travelled a long way. Over the years we have completed many research projects. We have advanced the treatment of infertility. But most importantly, we have helped thousands of couples achieve the happiness of parenthood. We look forward to continuing our endeavour in the years to come.